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corporate investigations

Carrying out investigations of fraud or crime in the workplace has sadly become necessary for many companies today regardless of business type, size or complexity. Often such investigations can become a tangle of claim, counter claim and accusations; sometimes involving senior members of staff. Organisations need to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and integrity and not leave themselves open to the risk of liability or negligence claims and the resulting reputational damage.

Modern day white collar crime distinguishes itself through a geographical as well as economical complexity, which generally cannot be grasped by untrained personnel. Only extensive experience in this area will allow for a swift, thorough and confidential handling of the situation.

There are many advantages in having external professionals deal with the matter. Not only can management clearly demonstrate its diligent handling of the situation but a prompt investigation will also allow for the highest level of discretion in combination with the ability to provide management with the opportunity to make well-balanced decisions without any external pressures.

It is the early stage of the investigation which builds the foundation of a successful investigative outcome.

Our investigations are conducted in full compliance with domestic legal and regulatory requirements. All our analyses and findings are documented to the highest levels of adherence to ensure that, even in court, the evidence produced by our experts will be admissible.

Although we use state-of-the-art investigative software accessible to law enforcement agencies, we strongly believe that our clients’ personnel pose the most critical factor in an investigation. It is our experience that intelligence gathered from personnel is frequently more productive than complex and abstract IT analyses. Our professionals are well-trained in obtaining such information.

Why work with us?

  • Working with an external expert means issues will be dealt with in a methodical and expeditious manner, using professional, dedicated staff. As these investigators are independent of any internal pressures, you are able to reduce the risk of reputational damage or an unsatisfactory conclusion caused by potential mishandling of investigations. 

  • We have a team of retired, senior Police Officers, who routinely carry out complex investigations in the business and commercial world, ensuring that all information is gathered and presented to the highest standards, if court proceedings become necessary you can be assured all information is collated to an evidential standard.

  • We understand that these investigations can involve complex and sensitive issues which internal staff can frequently find uncomfortable dealing with. Crucially, employees who raise difficult and sensitive issues often have much greater confidence that an external investigator will be impartial, fair and robust in their findings.Conclusions reached by outside investigators usually leave the workplace more harmonious.

  • Our investigations are conducted within legal and regulatory frameworks. We have in-house HR Solicitors, ensuring total compliance and offering legal advice where required.

  • All of our investigators receive regular updates on interview techniques and have expert knowledge of evidence gathering and presentation.

Our experience:

  • Data protection

  • Intellectual property

  • Enhanced due diligence

  • Criminal Investigation

  • Training

  • Specific fraud experience

    • Theft of company funds/assets

    • False expense claims

    • Phantom vendors or “fresh air” invoices

    • Procurement fraud

    • Kickback and secret commissions

    • Dishonest insurance claims

    • Distributor fraud

    • External fraud

    • Employee theft

    • Asset recovery

  • Corruption

  • Counterfeit goods

  • Patent/competition theft

  • Data protection

  • GDPR compliance

  • Intellectual property

  • Enhanced due diligence

  • Criminal investigation

  • Industrial espionage

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