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due diligence

All organisations considering entering into an agreement with another should consider any prospective pitfalls. Due diligence provides peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers, by analysing and validating all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions being made. It uses past trading experience to form a view of the future and confirms that there are no issues.

Typical issues:

  • Strengthening business by acquiring other products that are almost identical in function to your own

  • Purchasing an organisation to gain access to its existing products in new markets, or to increase your customer base

  • Expanding your company's current portfolio through the acquisition of new ones

  • Spreading market risk by purchasing an organisation which provides similar products or services in another country.

  • Background and integrity checks are a crucial in determining whether to enter a business arrangement or employ a key figure in an organisation

  • Combating money-laundering

  • Our staff are trained in proven due diligence techniques to gather the right intelligent information from open sources, subscription-based services, and public records and documents.

  • These services can be offered within the UK, Europe, USA and other countries throughout the world

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