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Managing people resources professionally is core to any business success and an engaged workforce is a highly productive one.  There are times when issues arise for employees and it is critical these are handled efficiently and in a way that ensures both the employee and the employer are confident that problems have been fully investigated.  This allows for any subsequent HR processes to be facilitated quickly, trends identified and matters resolved; minimising the business impact.

Outsourcing the investigation process provides a highly flexible approach to managing HR cases, allowing HR and Line Managers to focus on their day jobs and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to manage what is often a fluctuating level of activity. 

Palladium Associates Limited in partnership with Rainbow HR are pleased to offer our proven outsourced proposition -

  • Nationwide resource bank of highly experienced Investigators who are geographically spread across the UK, recruited through a rigorous process, all of whom have senior level HR experience across multiple sectors.

  • Rigorous selection processes to ensure we have individuals who are empathetic, rigorous in approach, with excellent written skills and exceptionally strong attention to detail.

  • Fully flexible to deliver a highly responsive, confidential service, with a blend of permanent and associate investigators.

  • Delivery of high quality reports for discipline and grievance cases.

  • A consistent approach to managing investigations which provides confidence to the complainant, the investigating manager and the employer.

  • Added value services for complex sensitive investigations - for example fraud and cyber security, along with qualified mediators, should this be required conducted by ex-police personnel.

We conduct investigations in a timely, expert and risk-free manner, recognising that we are guardians of the employer’s reputation. All investigations are robust, comprehensive, in line with the employer’s policies and processes and our investigators are supported throughout.

We offer an outsourced investigation solution either on a case by case basis or where we take all cases across the organisation. We deliver a highly responsive service with a model which makes the best use of the investigator’s time, to ensure the client receives their investigation report in a timely manner and gets maximum value.

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