the origin of the word palladium is: 'to safeguard and protect'.

our approach

All organisations are unique. Even entities operating in the same industry will clearly distinguish themselves through their individual corporate culture. This is the reason why Palladium Associates Limited believes that sustainable solutions can only be those that have been developed and custom-tailored for organisations individually.

Our services are tailored precisely to companies’ needs to make informed, intelligent and far reaching management decisions and our strategy ensures all levels of risk are mitigated.

Palladium Associates Limited are highly proficient in our techniques and experience ensure the business continuity of our client is maximised to its full potential.

In case our clients suspect irregularities within their corporation, they can count on Palladium Associates Limited to deal with and resolve highly contentious corporate issues. We will not only assist in criminal and labor disputes but also with regulatory issues. In addition, special emphasis is placed on minimising the financial exposure of our clients.

Palladium Associates Limited engage with organisations to evaluate, manage and develop their risk strategy to ensure their core objectives are achieved. Our progressive, comprehensive approach ensures that corporate risk is identified and quantified, and appropriate steps taken.

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