Seven Key Benefits To Using External Expertise For Corporate Investigations

If you’ve ever had to manage an internal investigation in your work place you’ll know how stressful this can be for all concerned. Not only do you want to get an investigation completed quickly, but this also needs to be done diligently, impartially and sensitively to ensure a fair conclusion.

Tom Waddell, Operations Director at Palladium Associates plc outlines seven reasons why using external expertise can often be the best solution at a challenging time.

It really doesn’t matter whether your company is large or small, public or private sector, product or service oriented. You can fall victim to crime in the workplace or fraud. Typically, we think of data theft, stolen bank details or intellectual property, however you may find yourself needing to undertake a corporate investigation in just about any area of your business. To make matters worse, quite often it may involve senior members of staff, people who may have worked in a company a long time, or sometimes suppliers and third parties with whom you work closely. In these situations, it can be extremely uncomfortable to manage an internal investigation yourself.

There are a number of benefits to considering calling in external, professional expertise to help you:

1. Compliance with relevant domestic legal and regulatory requirements – unless you’re an extremely large organisation which regularly has to undertake corporate investigations, it saves you having to brush up on the latest regulations, important if you end up having to go to court.

2. Removes any internal pressure that might influence the outcome. An external investigation service will be completely independent, reducing the chances of mishandling and reputational damage.

3. Experience of how to best undertake an investigation. You want to look to engage professionals with years of service (such as ex senior Police Officers) who are used to carrying out complex investigations discretely and thoroughly.

4. It enables your company to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, showing clearly that you’ve taken the situation seriously and diligently, emphasising your impartiality at the highest level.

5. More likelihood of restoring harmony in the workplace more quickly. We all know how the office rumour mill can work, and how awkward employees can feel if they need to share sensitive or controversial information to a colleague conducting an investigation. Staff often have more confidence that an external investigator will be impartial.

6. Training. Quite often specific interview techniques are needed to help gather intelligence from personnel involved in a corporate investigation, as well as expert knowledge of evidence gathering and presentation.

7. Access to the latest investigate software which is accessible to law enforcement agencies to support complex IT analyses.

Tom Waddell is Operations DIrector of Palladium Associates. A Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (FIRP), Tom has worked in recruitment and business operations for 30 years. He has significant experience in the supply of staff for sensitive and high-profile situations and has worked with many UK and overseas police forces, government departments and private organisations.

Palladium Associates supports both flexible and long-term needs for high quality security, revenue protection and customer facing staff to safely and effectively manage high profile, crowded public events and situations. The company works with major transport organisations such as ScotRail, Metrolink, Nottingham Trams and Blackpool Transport.

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