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Transport and Rail Services

Transport and Rail Services are one of the most noticeable engagements Palladium Associates has with the public, as we assist not only rail services, but their customers day in day out. 

We can support your flexible and long-term needs for high quality security, revenue protection and customer facing staff to safely and effectively manage high profile, crowded public events and situations.

We provide a sensitive, fast response and business driven solution to difficult problems. We are engaged by major transport operators such as ScotRail, Metrolink, Nottingham Trams and Blackpool Transport.

Some of the solutions we offer:

  • Large scale event security planning and wraparound support

  • Revenue protection and training in confronting ticketless travellers

  • Conflict Management training for front line staff

  • Cyber security - protection of assets, staff, customers and information

  • Risk management consulting

  • Security management and consultancy

Event and People Management

At Palladium Associates Limited we assist in the following ways with your event and people management needs:


  • Provide staff to support the management of crowds

  • Ensure the public are directed to the right place or vehicle

  • Provide assistance to visitors to the city and provide general customer service

  • Have better-equipped personnel to manage potential issues arising from large scale crowds

  • Understand the rail industry and be geared to be able to respond to last minute requests, particularly in times of very bad weather

  • Can cope with both planned and unplanned requests

  • Work seamlessly with your operational staff and in line with the customer service standards of our clients

  • Manage the safety and security of passengers whilst also offering exceptional customer service

  • Provide supervisory staff on all contracts

  • Provide comprehensive reporting and management information

  • Have a transparent and simple pricing model

Revenue protection

Transport operators have a duty to ensure people travel with a valid ticket for their journey. Revenue protection teams are often employed by operators to help ensure customers have a valid ticket, by checking tickets either on train or at station and issuing Penalty Fare Notices where required.


Palladium Associates has supported a number of transport operators with reducing ticketless travel by a combination of training for their existing revenue protection teams, providing trained and skilled staff and identifying ticketless travel hotspots to prioritise for action.


We have delivered excellent results for clients: for example a 33% improvement on revenue protection in year 1 with a further 8% improvement in year 2.

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